Bruts, an East London born rapper, is a multi-skilled Hip-Hop artist with a vision to change the way people see UK rap forever. Known for his clever, uncensored content and crystal clear flows, Bruts is out to show the world that the beginning of the reign starts now.

Through the years Bruts has successfully managed to reflect his personal growth through his music, via both the lyrics and sound. Formally known to the Grime scene as “Brutal”, Bruts slowly began to move towards Hip-Hop to become the humble, more conscious rapper that he presents today. Allowing him to reach out to a wider audience, yet still catering to Day 1 supporters, who would agree that the journey has been anything but predictable.

Continuing on the path of “having his own”, the humble rapper founded TDS Records Ltd as his own label, with the vision of changing the reputation and face of the UK rap scene. It’s generally known that artists from the United States currently dominate the rap scene, as it has been for so long. However, Bruts refuses to sit and wait for the spotlight to land on the vast amount of talent that the UK has to offer. So instead, TDS strives to forcefully grab it. Encouraging rap lovers to discover what we have at home rather than continuously seeking the very latest from half way around the world.

Despite the changes and achievements made in the last year alone, Bruts vouches that this is only the very beginning of what’s to come. In between introducing new artists and building on the foundation of TDS, the London rapper plans to continue to prove that the UK hip-hop scene is still very much alive and kicking, and the public won’t have to go very far to find it.